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Whether you have just started a construction business or are preparing to do so, you could be brimming with optimism. After all, rising skills shortages in the UK construction sector, as reported by the Independent, have opened up fresh opportunities for people seeking construction jobs. Still, none of this takes away from your need to source proper insurance. Differentiating the essential policies from those that are simply a “good idea” can be tricky – especially as many policies aren't meant just for construction workers. Hence, you could benefit from these pointers… Public liability insurance Spending hours at a time on a construction site [...]
Wed, Aug 15, 2018
Source: Construction Articles
Robert Woodhead's National Space Centre Ultra Site receives stratospheric praise from Considerate Constructors Scheme The National Space Centre's Launch Pad project lifted off to new heights with a dramatic community launch – which took construction to the edges of earth's atmosphere. The launch provided a spectacle for hundreds of school children, local residents and workers who witnessed a teddy bear, and a construction bolt that will later be used as part of the completed works, ascending into the atmosphere powered by a huge helium balloon. The project carried out by Scheme Partner Robert Woodhead Ltd has achieved Ultra Site status [...]
Tue, Aug 14, 2018
Source: Construction Articles
Tradespeople say heat is forcing them to down tools, and call for on-site water stations Apart from the recent thunder storms, Britain's summer has so far proven to be a very un-British scorcher. With temperatures hitting sweltering highs, spare a thought for the bricklayers, carpenters and other tradespeople that have to work outside, and who have already had to endure the bitter Beasts from the East earlier this year. To find out how people on the country's construction sites are handling the heat, the UK's largest online supplier of ironmongery, IronmongeryDirect, has carried out a poll among its customers – mainly sole [...]
Mon, Aug 13, 2018
Source: Construction Articles
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