Devon Builders Dry Stone Wall Building

Granite Stone Walls are the very backbone of Devon. They are everywhere! These ancients monuments pay homage to hundreds of years of country life in the county itself. It’s is a well documented fact that there are as many miles of Devon Stone Walls as there are streets in London! When it’s time to restore an old stone wall or build a brand new one from the ground up, the Devon Builders are on hand to see that the job is finished properly. Many Granite Stone wall builders are indeed artists who say they feel and know exactly where the next stone should be placed. Sometimes a whole devon cottage or house needs the exterior walls restored as these are indeed dry stone walls with the exception of the mortar cement binding the boulders together. Devon Stone walls are always a very attractive feature inside or outside your house. The gallery below shows some examples of the majestic presence stone walls can have on any building.

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